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The Benefits of a Home Remodel

Begin your renovation journey with Luxe Reno & Design in Montville, NJ. Beyond upgrading aesthetics, we understand the impact a well-executed remodel can have on your lifestyle, comfort, and property value. Get that “new build” feeling without packing a single box!


Luxe Reno & Design

Complete Home Renovations

Luxe Reno & Design

Exterior Renovations

Luxe Reno & Design


Luxe Reno & Design


Luxe Reno & Design


Luxe Reno & Design

Custom Cabinets

Our Montville Home Renovation Services

Our focus goes beyond visual appeal. We prioritize functionality and efficiency, ensuring each space serves its purpose optimally. Whether it’s optimizing your kitchen layout or adding convenience to your bathroom, we aim to enhance the usability of every area.

Investing in a home remodel isn’t just about immediate gratification; it’s a strategic move that can significantly boost your property’s value, providing a lasting return on investment.

We offer complete remodeling services that include:

  • New Cabinets
  • Custom Cabinetry
  • Kitchens
  • Countertops
  • Bathrooms
  • Flooring
  • Painting
  • Exterior Renovations
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Hardware
  • Windows
  • Home Design
  • Finish Trim & Carpentry
  • Lighting
  • Outdoor Kitchens

Transform Your Home

From simple renovations to stunning home remodeling, Luxe Reno & Design makes it our mission to provide our local homeowners with only the best service in the business. We believe that your home should be as strong and durable as it is beautiful and stylish. Feel proud of your home and renew it with our remodeling experts.

Think about the many ways you can improve your home. Maybe it feels cramped, cluttered, or poorly lit. Maybe the cabinetry and countertops are outdated or damaged. Even if you don’t spend a lot of time in your house, you want to ensure that you can enjoy it and that it reflects well on your tastes. You want to be able to make great memories with your family.

You can call on us for every kind of home remodeling project. Sometimes, what you need is a total renovation. Other times, you may want to change only certain parts of your kitchen, living room, or bathroom. We also complete indoor and outdoor renovations in New Jersey. Contact our experienced staff for a free estimate, and tell us how you wish to transform your home.

Personalized Designs Tailored to You

Your home should reflect your family’s personality and style. Our design experts will collaborate closely with you to understand your vision and bring it to life. We craft personalized spaces that resonate with your unique taste, so your home feels like a true reflection of your identity.

    Montville NJ Remodeling Services

    • New Cabinets
    • Custom Cabinetry
    • Kitchen Upgrades
    • Countertops
    • Bathroom Renovations
    • Flooring Solutions
    • Painting Services
    • Exterior Renovations
    • Electrical Work
    • Plumbing Solutions
    • Hardware Updates
    • Window Replacements
    • Home Design Consultation
    • Finish Trim & Carpentry
    • Lighting Solutions
    • Outdoor Kitchen Installations

    Elevate Your Home with Luxe Reno & Design

    Whether you’re considering a complete renovation or targeted improvements, Luxe Reno & Design is your partner in transforming your Montville home. We believe your home should be both durable and aesthetically pleasing, providing comfort and pride for years to come!

    Experience the Luxe Reno Difference

    Our team always ensures a collaborative and detailed process from start to finish. We begin with a comprehensive consultation to understand your goals, tailoring a plan that aligns with your vision and budget.

    Expect meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail throughout your project. We prioritize timely completion, minimizing disruptions to your daily routine. Communication is paramount, and we’ll keep you informed every step of the way.

    Why Choose Us For Your Renovation?

    • Creativity, Functionality, and Professionalism Combined
    • Customer-Centric Approach
    • Stay Updated with Latest Trends and Innovations
    • End-to-End Remodeling Services
    • Stress-Free Experience Guaranteed


    Unlock the Potential of Your Home with Luxe Reno & Design in Montville, NJ. Contact us today for a transformative remodeling journey!

    Luxe Reno & Design

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    A Systematic Process For Getting Your Dream Home

    We work with you to understand your vision and goals. Lets connect and start discussing your next home remodeling project.

    Vision & Meeting


    Vision & Meeting

    During our initial discussion, we develop a clear picture of what you’re looking for.

    Design & Planning


    Design & Planning

    From the location of electrical systems to the design of the house, all the details are accounted for in our plans.




    We deliver highly skilled work on projects of all sizes, and we thoroughly assess the results to check that they meet our high standards.

    Project Completion


    Project Completion

    After we clean up and receive your full approval, you can enjoy your new home.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    About Our Complete Home Remodeling

    01 How much does it cost to remodel a home?

    Many factors affect cost, including the scope of the project and the materials you’re using. A smaller project may cost up to several thousand dollars, while a complete overhaul of your may be hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    02 How long does a full remodel take to complete?

    Before the project begins, we’ll give you an accurate estimate for a timeline. Total home remodeling may take three to 6 months, while relatively minor projects may take less than a month.

    03 Do you offer a warranty?

    Our high-quality work is durable, and we back up our promises with generous warranties. When you contact us to discuss your project, we’ll review the terms of each warranty, making sure you fully understand what’s covered.

    04 Why should I hire you for my home renovation?

    Our 20+ years of experience include remodeling projects that are consistently successful. We know how to manage complex projects and coordinate teams of highly skilled workers. We also excel at home design.

    05 What does the home remodel process look like?

    What the exact process looks like depends on the project. It may involve demolition, rough-in work, and installations of new electrical and plumbing and other items. Before any project begins, we’ll let you know what to expect.

    06 Do you offer home design services?

    We offer design services, and they cover every aspect of the home. We’ll help you choose the best appliances, cabinetry style, and countertop material. We can also help you visualize color schemes and the ideal layout for your home.

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